Helps to preserve the skin's healthy microbiome balance.





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Our mission is to deliver scientifically formulated skincare products that
nourish and safeguard your skin's natural protective barrier at pH 5.5.
Experience the science of healthy skin.

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Introducing our new and improved deodorants!

Introducing our new and improved deodorants! The same formula you know and love, in new, compact packaging.

At sebamed, ALL of our products are formulated to have the same pH as your skin - 5.5. Products that match your skin’s pH level can help prevent damage to the skin's acid mantle, due to factors like environmental influences, or poorly balanced skincare products.


The protective function of your baby’s skin is not fully developed at birth. It needs a stable pH of 5.5 to develop. This pH value helps to protect your baby’s delicate skin against dryness and irritation.

Customer Testimonials

300ml Liquid Face and Body Wash:

For so long I have been after an affordable product to fade my hyper-pigmentation on my face and this product did it for me. I had amazing results in such a short period. When my bottle ran out, I decided to stop using the product just so I could really see how bad my skin was without it. And boy did it get worse again. So now I have decided to re purchase and make this a part of my everyday routine :D

- Courtney

Moisturising Cream 75ml:

I have been using this moisturising cream since I was in my teens after a very bad case of dry skin. My skin had begun to peel and looked infected. My GP told me to use sebamed moisturising cream and it healed within a few days. I am now in my forties and my family also love it.


Liquid Face & Body Wash 1000ml Pump:

I have to be careful with my skin as it can get dry easily.  I was pleasantly surprised at how this product left my face feeling fresh, clean and nourished - not at all dry.  Often, when I try a new product, my skin breaks out and I'm really pleased that this hasn't been the case with Sebamed liquid face and body wash.  Having a combined face and body wash is also a real plus, and I will be buying this regularly now I've found it

- Kylie

Deodorant Roll-on 24hr Care 50ml:

I'm fussy when it comes to deodorants and tend to stick to one, I know and trust.  After trying Sebamed 24-hour care deodorant, I will be changing for the first time in years.

- Kylie