Sensitive skin is a problematic skin condition as the skin reacts to various irritants – even very minor ones. Triggers can be internal or external factors, such as nervous tension, mental stress, illness or improper care, the climate or UV radiation. Increased sensitivity can occur in all skin conditions, but it is more common in dry skin than in normal or oily skin because of the lower barrier function.
Once people reach their mid twenties, their skin begins to change, and depending on its constitution, as well as external influences, signs of ageing will develop sooner or later. Typical changes include a loss of moisture and elasticity, causing tautness, and resulting attention and protection with skin care requirements.
Because it produces excessive sebum, oily skin contains too many fatty secretions. The skin shines, has open pores and tends to have blackheads or acne. The skin requires thorough but gentle cleansing.
Neurodermatitis (atopic eczema, endogous eczema, atopic dermatitis):
Chronic skin disease where the skin reacts overly sensitive to inner or outer factors. Neurodermatitis, hay fever and allergic asthma represent together the atopic cycle.
Normal skin is the ideal skin condition. It is smooth, soft, supple, healthy, resilient and has an ample supply of oils and moisture. An intact acid mantle with a pH value of 5.5 in the area of the hydrolipidic film and horny layer provides a barrier against dehydration, pathogens and the damaging effect of the environment.
Like the skin, hair should not be washed too often. Two or three times a week is usually often enough, but if your hair is very greasy or you use styling products, it may be necessary to wash it every day. Your hair should be completely wet before you apply any shampoo to it, and the water should never be hotter than 35°C.

The skin consists of different layers. The innermost layers are subcutaneous connective tissue, dermis and epidermis.


The superficial horny layer contains dead skin cells embedded in lipids. It provides protection against pathogens that cause disease, irritants as well as pollutants and dehydration. 

In babies and children, the ratio of skin surface area to body volume is significantly larger than in adults. Babies skin needs particularly careful protection, because it doesn’t yet have the natural acid mantle, which has a pH value of 5.5.

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