Helps to preserve the skin's healthy microbiome balance.





Get to know our NEW and IMPROVED Deodorants

Introducing our new and improved deodorants! The same formula you know and love, in new, compact packaging.

At sebamed, ALL of our products are formulated to have the same pH as your skin - 5.5. Products that match your skin’s pH level can help prevent damage to the skin's acid mantle, due to factors like environmental influences, or poorly balanced skincare products.

This can leave your skin feeling tight, uncomfortable or itchy, or experiencing dermitis like symptoms.

A healthy acid mantle repels harmful microorganisms and protects the skin from infections, irritation and allergies - helping promote healthy skin!

Not only are sebamed deodorants pH balanced - they're also aluminium free and have no added colour or preservatives. This means, our deodorants do not impede the physiological functions of the sweat glands. A pH balanced deodorant keeps your skin as natural as possible, to promote healthier skin.

Our For Men and Lime deodorants are also alcohol-free formulas, which is terrific for those who may have very sensitive or dry skin. 

Now more compact, sebamed deodorants are handbag friendly. Compact with a secure lid, our new roll-on fits perfectly into your gym bag, or work bag for a mid-day refresh. Perfect to keep you feeling fresh, or discrete application. 

sebamed deodorant is now available in four fresh scents! Fresh, Lime, Blossom and For Men – to keep you smelling fresh (or fruity) all day long.

Don't take it from us! See why our customers love sebamed Deodorant so much.




"No Nasties and Refreshing

Many deodorants irritate my armpits as I shave daily but this one is free from nasties and balances pH and has never caused a reaction! I love the refreshing lime scent and the fact that it is a spray rather than aerosol. The scent has always lasted a long time and smells great under my perfumes!"


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