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Hair Care Tips

Like the skin, hair should not be washed too often. Two or three times a week is usually often enough, but if your hair is very greasy or you use styling products, it may be necessary to wash it every day. Your hair should be completely wet before you apply any shampoo to it, and the water should never be hotter than 35°C.

A pea-sized drop (0.5ml) of shampoo should be used for short hair, a walnut-sized drop (1-2ml) is suitable for medium-length or thick hair, and if your hair is long or very thick, you can use the amount that fits in the palm of your hand (3-4ml). Pour the required quantity into your hand and rub it lightly between both hands. Then spread it all over your hair, making sure it is covered thoroughly. You only need to massage your scalp or leave the shampoo on for a while if you are using a special formula that necessitates this. Next, spend twice as long rinsing your hair as you did lathering it. Modern shampoos cleanse so thoroughly that it is not necessary to lather with them more than once. Finally, remove the water from your hair by first running your hands and then a towel down the strands in the direction of growth before continuing to pat it with the towel. Allowing your hair to air-dry is kindest to your hair’s structure, but if you do use a regular hair dryer, make sure its setting is no hotter than lukewarm and that it is held 20 to 30cm away from your head. Hood hair dryers should not be too hot either. Do your hair when it is still slightly damp. Wet hair should be combed out carefully using a comb without sharp edges and should not be pulled too hard. Brushes are only suitable for dry hair.