Sebamedhelps to preserve the skin´s  healthy microbiomebalance.





Get to know our Baby Range

Whether your children have sensitive skin, suffer from dermatitis or you are just looking for a product that will be kind to their delicate skin - the sebamed Baby range is perfect for them!

Did you know that at birth, your baby's skin isn't fully developed? It's yet to have developed protective functionalities - which means it may be more sensitive to dryness and irritation, or other forms of dermatitis. 

sebamed Baby products are formulated with a pH of 5.5 which helps build this vital protection right from the start – perfect for baby sensitive skin!

Why pH 5.5 products benefit baby's skin

The skin's protective layer is called the acid mantle - its job is to repel harmful microorganisms and negative environmental influences - which protects the skin from infections, allergies or irritation.

It's important to use products that foster your child's acid mantle's growth - which is why all of our baby skincare products are formulated with a pH balance of 5.5. 

Best selling Baby Products

Our Baby range features all of the baby products you could need to give your child the best protection from their first day! Stocking up on products for your little one's arrival? Take a look at our best-selling baby products.

sebamed Children's Shampoo

This no-tears formula is kind to your baby's delicate scalp and hair, from birth all the way up to adolescence. Its ultra-sensitive cleansing formula hydrates and moisturises, while keeping hair soft, clean and smelling sweet. 

sebamed Baby Bubble Bath

Place a few drops of our Bubble Bath and mix to create the perfect bubbles and body wash for your baby! pH balanced to 5.5, this formula is also made with herbal extracts from fennel, yarrow melissa and mistletoe to soothe and protect skin.

sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft

Readily absorbed, our Baby Cream has a pH balance of 5.5 and safeguards against harmful environmental influences. It provides a protective film against dryness and has been clinically proven to help support and protect the skin's natural protective acid mantle - making it the best moisturiser for your baby.

Looking for a gentle baby lotion or wash? We have those too! 

Stock up on your baby essentials with sebamed - made for the whole family.