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Summer Essentials


Summer is here and it is well and truly heating up. There are more outdoor activities, being in the sun and getting sweaty! This hotter weather also means more showering and bathing.

If you are showering more during Summer to rid yourself of that sticky feeling caused by the heat, sweat and being outdoors, it is important to look after your skin as it can get dried out, with natural oils removed.

Some showering and skincare tips for Summer bathing can include:

- Closing the bathroom door which will trap the steam from the shower, and increase humidity in the room which is good for your skin

- Using gentle cleansers like sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash 1L Pump

- Pat your skin dry with a towel (no vigorous rubbing)

- Apply your moisturizer straight after showering to trap the moisture in your skin

- Take a cold shower rather than hot

It is also important you are using a gentle cleanser for your face and 

body that is free of soap and alkali. Our sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash 1L Pump has been developed by dermatologists with a pH 5.5 value of healthy skin to help support and protect the natural barrier function of the skin. It is also suitable for both your face and body. If you are showering more in Summer, it is likely you are using more product than usual. That is why products like our 1L Liquid Face and Body Wash are perfect to stock up on this Summer.

Moisturising straight after your shower is an easy way to trap the hydration into your skin. Once you exit the shower, leaving your face and body slightly damp, now is the perfect time to apply your moisturiser.

Here are some of our favourite moisturising products:

- Sebamed Moisturising Face Cream 75ml
- Sebamed Moisturising Body Lotion 400ml