Helps to preserve the skin's healthy microbiome balance.






You have probably heard of keeping a good pH for your skin, but did you ever consider this is the same for your scalp?

Using a shampoo and conditioner for the hair which has a good pH for skin helps to support and protect the acid mantle of the scalp to result in healthy hair. This also helps to safeguard the hair and scalp against dryness, adds volume and introduces a silky lustre to your hair.

During Summer, your hair is exposed to the sun, salty water, chlorine and sweat more often. It also gets washed more frequently as a result of this. Because of this, it’s important to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to ensure the pH balance of your hair and scalp is balanced, while simultaneously cleansing your hair and hydrating your skin.

The sebamed hair care products are all dermatologist formulated with super nourishing ingredients, such asavocado oil, to help deeply moisturise and soften hair without making your locks feel heavy. Thesebamed Repair Shampoo is 100% Soap and Alkali free with pH value of 5.5 - the same pH of healthy skin, and made with natural plant protein to help stabilise the hydro-balance of hair and scalp.

Here are some products you can use on your hair during Summer to maintain a healthy shine:

Make sure you are always rinsing your hair after swimming and applying a hydrating cream such as the sebamed Repair Conditioner to lock in the moisture after outdoor activity.